Friday, November 22, 2013

Pure power and politics under the guise of religious fanatacism--and failed states.

For many years I have watched various countries, often but not exclusively in the Middle-East, slowly but surely falling into the chasm that we call 'failed states.' Throw into that sad picture the spectre of the USA trying to 'save' these nations from a terrible fate, but read in other more sinister motives, based around regional influence and good (or bad!) old fashioned jingoistic empire-building strategies. Pull in the USA's 'allies' or lackeys, depending on  your viewpoint, and we have a recipe for on-going warfare and the deaths of many young soldiers and the collateral damage we witness on TV night after night.
Has the USA and its followers been successful in purging these countries of the Taliban and their like. NO---it seems that you cut off the head of the 'hydra' and many more fanatics take its place. 'We' build up the infrastructure of the recipient nations and the religious/power brokers destroy it again because it goes against the 'book' as they see it.
Then the 'reasonable' forces within these nations call a great meeting of  'chiefs' and they make it clear that they wish the USA to leave; wanting the modern day 'Crusaders' to withdraw. Have we not learnt the lessons of history? Unless a nation is united in its wish to purge themselves of extremists, then  those 'invaders' are doomed to failure. They cannot win---ever. One only needs to look at the Algerian and Vietnam examples to see that no amount of military hardware will conquer a 'spirit,' once it has taken hold in a region.
The USA claims the high moral ground under the guise of the military industrial conglomerates, using the blood of less powerful underclasses to fight their battles. In the meantime, a region creeps towards an abyss that signals a whole range of failed states; from Somalia, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan and of course Afghanistan. Perhaps the pain will stop when the West pulls out and lets the region find its own solutions, painful as that would be. Of course our dependence on oil, trade and other factors will preclude that ever happening. Ask yourself---if it were not for our reliance on 'black gold,' would we even bother to 'help' these nations? Ask another question. Do the majority of the people  in the above countries want 'our' help and if they do--in what form? They need to make that very clear and we need to listen. Until some sort of stability returns to the region in question we will see a tide of 'people' seeking better futures in countries where they are sometimes not welcome. It is time for some hard talking and hard decision and the process is going to be arduous indeed. Maybe another sort of extremism will emerge, even worse than the present players. Time always tells! In the meantime, my own thoughts shrink ever further away from believing those who espouse extremism in all of its forms, religious or political. They have the capacity to destroy us all.


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