Monday, November 11, 2013

Clinical supervision---my special day.

Today I attended the last of my training to complete my Clinical Supervision Certificate. That allows me to offer another string to my range of skills above and beyond counselling. Having worked in the latter position for more than 20 years I can now 'supervise' other counsellors and those in similar roles. I have always enjoyed the supervision I have received from other supervisors and not only is it a requirement for me to partake in this process, it is a means whereby I can reflect and extend myself as well as stay safe, both for myself and my clients. Now I am able to do the same for other counsellors. I look forward to building on my skills and contributing to this wonderful group of people who work with people and 'walk' along side them as they hold out a hand of hope for those who feel that life is testing them. Please feel free to contact me, via my website (follow the link re 'sending me a message' if you wish to talk about how I can help re your supervision, or to find out more about 'supervision' and how it may help you. I would like to send a huge thanks to the people who trained with me and the wonderful 'facilitator, John McAlpine who guided us on our journey.

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