Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bugger!----I watched the Shopping Channel---I should not have.

Actually, there are three shopping channels available now and I rarely watch them, but somehow tonight, I was bored and I hooked on to The Shopping I don't know why I sat there, mindlessly watching and slowly getting sucked in. Before I knew it I had purchased a 'miracle whiz' (get one free---hope Janice isn't reading this, cause guess what is going in her Xmas Stocking). I was most impressed by the different uses and despite all the warnings I have heard and my convenient forgetfulness re past experiences of 'As Seen On TV ' appliances that inevitably end up in the shed to be later sold for next to nothing on Trade Me, I went ahead. The fact that I admit to this terrible failing says heaps eh. I suppose I have reached a time where being embarrassed is not something that guides my decision making processes. Oh what the hell, I shall probably forget that I have ordered the 'gift' and when it arrives I shall just pretend that someone nice has sent me an early Xmas surprise!

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