Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why New Zealand must win the America's Cup tomorrow (Saturday, NZ time)

It is all getting too much. Each day lately, NZ has woken up to the possibility of either almost being there or actually taking it away. I am of course talking about the final races for the America’s Cup. Our collective nerves are shattered. Just because most of the world and indeed the USA don’t even know it is on, for NZers it is an obsession. This prolonged finish with the possibility of it all going wrong is taking a toll. When I went to a clinical appointment today, the roads were empty. Why? ---well you know why. Most people were glued to their TV sets, hoping for the ‘coup de grace’ and the final victory for Team NZ. It didn’t happen because Oracle sailed a superb race. Now we have to wait until tomorrow morning, because once again the wind had the last say and reached levels that officials consider ‘dangerous.’ I am certainly not questioning that!
There are other reasons why NZ must win. The Cup has become a bit of a sick joke in the way in which the incumbent team will do almost anything to keep the Cup. That action mostly takes place off the water. We need an end to litigation re the Cup and a return to good old fashioned sportsmanship of the past. That will not happen if Oracle retains the Cup.
 We also want to see more nations involved; not just the four that turned up this time. When we had the Cup in NZ there were many teams who came and it was a real ‘regatta.’ The expense re these huge catamarans is way too much. It would be great to see a dozen or more teams here, as would happen and if the boats were a less expensive to design, build and maintain. No one is asking for a return to the traditional boats of old, but let’s have a little bit of common sense here.
To make all this happen, we need NZ to win and open up the Regatta to many more countries. So, come-on over, Australia, UK, South Africa, teams from the USA, Italy, China, India, Europe and Fiji (maybe?) Let’s have fun. You are so welcome, --------=-if we get that last dammed race under our belt.

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