Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How clever of our boss! He arranged for the America's Cup races to coincide with our school day

The whole of New Zealand was glued to the screens, big and small, alone or in groups as Team NZ displayed yet another gritty performance in the penultimate race of the America’s Cup Regatta. I had the pleasure of being part of the large number of staff gathered around our TV in the staffroom at work today. Would you believe it? ---we were quiet. Hey---that’s a group of teachers---quiet?!  Unbelievable you say. Well you could have heard a pin drop. That was until NZ crossed the line ahead of Oracle and the realization hit us that we are now one race away from bringing the Cup back home to NZ
What was so good was that our boss was able to organize the race to suit our start to the day. The bell rings for staff beefing at 8.20ish for our gathering and that coincided with the race start.  By the time the bell went for going off to start our day, the race was finishing. Good on you, boss! You must be very well connected.
Now, where will I access the next race? Oh yes, on the big screen connected to a computer in the room where I take my tutor group. What could be better!  Go Team NZ!

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