Monday, September 16, 2013

'On a clear day,' I could actually use my solar oven---but this is Akcland in spring!

When I purchased my new solar oven it didn’t come with directions, probably because it is so simple, even someone with my lack of techno-ability should be able to manage it. As it turned out, that is what happened. I set it up and tested it, the only thing lacking being the damned sun!
I looked at a few online reports and chuckled quietly at the You-tube postings that had the odd snake or two shimmering along like some sort of serpent drag queen. Those shots were from the desert where temperatures climb to over 40C and the sun shines forever. Maybe that should have served as a warning!
Another clue came my way too. Some of the sites pushing the use of solar ovens were from ‘survivalists groups or ‘preppies.’ Alongside those ‘postings’ were other claiming that ‘in 5 years’ time, 95% of Americans will be dead.’ Jeeze, I thought. What the hell have I interfered into on this new journey with my little solar oven? Am I going to be joining some sort of fringe group that uses the word Armageddon as a focal word? I am unsure if I should laugh or head for the hills!
OK, I am still trying to make my oven work, but I am coming to the conclusion that springtime in Auckland is never going to deliver the consistent sun and temperatures needed to cook a meaty wholesome meal. Then, in the summer, maybe I won’t feel like a stew or roasted chicken. Of course I will! Watch this space. Too bad for the ‘preppies’ in the winter though. They will have to go chop down a tree and cook on an open fire.

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