Sunday, August 4, 2013

I don't envy the choice on offer for Australian voters at the election this year!

What can I say about the choices Australian voters have re the leaders of the major parties for the upcoming elections? Quite a bit actually.
Politics on both sides of the Tasman can be pretty much a 'dog eats dog affair.' A crude analogy, you say, but I doubt Australians are too adverse to 'in your face' commentaries. I reckon our mates thrive on them along with the mess that goes with dirty politics. We don't have to look too far on this side of the ditch to see similar power struggles, both within parties and between the leaders.
Tony or Julia. Tony or Kevin---Mmm, grand choices. It's a wonder we don't have Aussie 'boat people' commandeering huge ships and heading our way. But , why would they? They would miss the soap opera antics or is it 'Banana Republic, minus the guns?' Maybe they would bore themselves stupid when faced with the offerings here.
On a more serious note, how do you choose between a party hell-bent on destroying the gains made by Australian workers over the last decade or between the major improvements to Aussie education being turned around so that the 'rich boy's club' can strip more from the public system?
What is scary is that NZ faces the same choices. We have a lot more in common with our 'cousins' than we have differences. Sure, we 'love to hate' on the sports field but we are united in our stands re major issues affecting us both.
The knives will be out again once the election is done and dusted, maybe before of the polls go 'south' for either leader. Tony will be looking over his back big time while Kevin will already feel the pointy part sticking in his back, because despite public approval ratings better than Julia's, he is not 'loved' by his Party. 
What a bloody mess!

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