Sunday, August 4, 2013

Have you noticed that the news channels often have comments from Russell Norman and the Greens first?

I wonder what's going on with the media lately. Have you noticed how often TV1 and 3 both have statements from Russell Norman, Co-Leader of the Greens about most issues of the day? This seems to me to be either a cynical manoeuvring of public perception on the part of the news media or it is based on a perception from the media that Russell has more to say than David Shearer. I am not so sure. I like both men, but I believe that there should be some sort of convention that provides for the party with the largest vote in Parliament being approached for 'announcements' first. Maybe I am wrong but it is certainly not a good look for the Labour Party and one that makes the job of it's leader that much harder. David Shearer is after all, Leader of the Opposition. That he needs to work with Russell is obvious, but 'perceptions' really do matter!

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