Wednesday, August 21, 2013

David Shearer steps down. Sad---but perhaps the best. Now what?

It came as no surprise today that David Shearer stepped down as Leader of the Opposition Labour Party. Very few people would have said that David is not a ‘good and honest man,’ but many may have thought that he didn’t have that ‘killer instinct’ that a leader of a party should have, especially when confronted with the likes (I almost said lies!) of John Key. Labour needs a person to lead who can build on the work of David and bring the party together to be ‘Government in waiting,’ one that we can believe in.
The next few days are a ‘make or break’ time for Labour. If they stuff up the leadership transition, they will consign themselves to the ‘wastelands of politics.’ Now is not the time for nasty scheming. The selection process needs to be transparent and processed with dignity. I am not going to suggest who should follow David. There are quite a few candidates in waiting, some obvious and others, perhaps a little in the shadows.
If Labour gets this right and support for the new leader is widespread, then Labour has a real chance to bring about a brighter future for all of NZ; a future that is not based on divisive politics and the rule of a party that does not listen. Surely Labour has learnt a lesson from past leadership struggles. Will they now forge ahead and bring back one thing New Zealanders all crave for----Hope?!

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