Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ASOS---great prices--is it any wonder that NZers chose to buy overseas?

I heard from a colleague at work today that the site above (ASOS) based in the UK has Summer specials (70% off) and I couldn't resist taking a look. I was well satisfied with what I saw. Think about it; their summer specials are our new season offerings at a sale price. Well, a few minutes of trawling through the site had me buying for about NZ$175 items that were originally going for about $500. I had some guilt feelings, for a while, wondering what I was doing to the NZ retailing industry. I know that many shops are doing a bit of a squeeze. Who am I hurting, NZ workers or the big profits of the shareholders? For my own piece of mind, I chose the latter! Go check it out but be sensible---only buy the specials. By the way, the shipping was free. How does the NZ retail scene respond? Maybe they get smarter. My only concern is for the smaller clothing shops, not so much the big chains. Who gains? Maybe just the delivery businesses. I guess it's the same reasoning that I use to sell my books---as a part of Kindle. Go check them out too on Amazon (ROSKILL by Neil Coleman  Kindle version)

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