Thursday, June 13, 2013

You are a tough pack of buggers, Australia!

It never suprprises me when I read of some of the antics various Australians get up to , especially near an election. We have all seen the polls that predict a huge defeat for Labour at the upcoming elections. That many Ausies have lost sight of the fact that the Labour (OK lest use the Aussie way---Labor) has made a real difference to many 'working' people. Education has been made more accessible to more people at the lower end and there have been gains re health for those at the bottom. Yes, it's true that Julia has gone back on her word on a few issues, something dictated by events way beyond her control. We have heard the posturings of that 'would be leader,' Tony and note that he seeks every opportunity to belitlle Julia's policies. I am not saying that this is a move that differs in any way from what we expect from opposition leaders, but I am syaing that his negativity around many issues, including the 'boat people' problem do little to offer Australia a way forward. Some of his 'backers' have reached incredibly low levels in their manouvering to garner favour, for when he comes into Government. Take the rediculous spectacle of that dopey radio reporter asking Julia to consider the fact that 'all hairdressers (and thereofor her partner) are gay. Then look at that twit who degraded Julia with his stupid 'menu.' It is not good enough to say that it was all just fun----these commentaries stick with the public and those who make such protestations do influence the popular psyche. Tony and his friends do not necessarilly agree with these moves, but they should go out of their way to promulgate good values that represent what Austrlaia surley is--- a diverse country with wonderful people; but sometimes prone to a brashness that does not do it credit.

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