Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The message from NZ Post is clear and it may not be posted!

NZ Post is trying to keep up with the growing trend for people to use 'othe'r methods to send post. Despite its 'social contract' NZ post is reducing the number of employees by 120, after it closes several mail processing centres. This is an inevitable process as more and more of us use the Nett and other providers to get the services we need. Provision must be made however for those who cannot access the 'modern way.' The corner post office has long gone, but the use of 'self-service' kiosks cannot replace that human touch that the non-computer litterate amongst us still need. As long as this latest exercise is not solely about 'cost saving,' then progress must happen. Once gone, such services are very difficult to bring back. Going ot the post office is clearly a thing of the past---a distant past.

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