Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Julia, oh Julia--- whatever made you do that!

One has to wonder at the reasoning behind Julia Gillard’s latest publicity attempt. Who the hell is advising her? Is she taking the piss out of the Australian electorate in a last ditch ‘up ya bum’ swipe before she is decimated in the upcoming elections. For Labor, even the Lazarus-like Rudd is unlikely to stop the Tsunami!
The very image of Julia knitting is so unlike the image we have come to love/hate. It is so wide of the mark for this remarkable and soon to be sadly missed politician. She is tough and apart from the odd tear or two is most definitely not your run-of-the-mill nanny, settling down with the grandkids. What came over her? She looks terrible uncomfortable. I take it she can knit!
Forgotten will be her real contribution to Australia. Down the tubes will be her changes that were starting to make a real difference. The Australian voter is unforgiving of perceived mistakes and in the cold light of day they will put the ticks for a candidate who will bring nothing but industrial strife and tension, both within Australia and with its near neighbour, Indonesia.
Go well, Julia. Perhaps it is those outside of Australia who see between the barbs and other ‘nasties’ of Australian political life.

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