Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'Wait until August,' a prominent person behind the legal high industry said.

It looks like that we are going to be ‘assaulted’ with a range of new products once the legal high industry gets its act together and come up with what it considers ‘safe products.’ They are rubbing their hands with glee as they consider the money they are going to make when the legislation is passed to allow manufacturers to go through a process that although expensive, will bring the products that have been proven to be unsafe, especially for our young people, back onto the shelves. Of course these ‘sources’ will find the money to continually ‘re-launch’ their evil products. They will change the formulae to suit the needs of the new laws. It will be very difficult to keep these products off the shelves. The ‘proving is meant to be at the expense of the producers, but they will find the money and will not lack in finding financial backing for their cause. We can expect to see a plethora of ‘new products,’ that have managed to get through the upcoming process. It will then be back to us, the people to send very clear messages, much stronger than we have witnessed so far, that we do not want these ‘purveyors of misery’ on our streets. Maybe we need to widen our disgust and turn in a few ‘P’ cook houses too. Please, Mr Dunne, don’t go assuming that you have won the battle. It has only just begun!

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