Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sythentitic Cannnabis is still being sold at a shop near you---Do something becuase we can not wait any longer!

Synthetic cannabis is still being sold in a shop near you. I am feeling more and more angry that this is so. We now know that these substances are even more dangerous than the substance that it purports to copy. Our A and E wards are seeing young people in dangerous states and we are going to see more 'casualties of this  nasty 'product. Why do we have to wait until August when  a Government can 'decree' a regulation and get this crap off our shop shelves NOW!? Lets name and shame these shops and take away their right to b e in our communities. If they can not demonstrate that they do not sell SC, then let everyone know in your neighbourhood. Put the names in my 'comments' section of this blog and send it on to your friends on Face Book, Twitter and anywhere else. I strongly recommend that you do not become involved in anything illegal, and implore you to be sure that those you put up on this blog are indeed selling the SC. Get out into your communities and find out. The NZ Herald named a few shops this morning, so you can start with those. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you will not tolerate their 'community unfriendly business practices. BUT, BE careful about the accuracy of your accusations! It is time to act!

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