Wednesday, April 10, 2013

North Korea's 'Dear Leader' continues to speak from his posterior

The megalomaniac leader of North Korea needs to assert his rule over his impoverished country. While he lavishes scarce resources  on the military, his people starve. His latest 'positioning' is just more of the same. For some reason he thinks that his utterances will bring  the army into line (let's face it, there is no other form of effective opposition to his rule--or is he just the 'tail' that wags at the behest of the military?)
That the world get's itself in a tither over these 'events' is just what the Dear Leader wants' If he doesn't get the attention he desires in the world media, he throws his toys from the crib. Unfortunately the USA responds by bellicose statements that do nothing to ease the situation. We all know that the USA is more than capable of 'taking out' the North Korean military, both conventional and the nuclear capacity, so why respond to the endless ravings of a lunatic?
China too is becoming nervous about it's recalcitrant neighbour to say nothing of what might be going on in the Kremlin. Perhaps both nations will stand by as the USA  launches a massive 'removal' of the threat for once and all. I hope that things do not come to such a dramatic conclusion, because the main losers will be the innocent people in both the North and South of the peninsula. Tick Tock, tick tock!

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