Saturday, April 27, 2013

Field Mushrooms for sale-----fantastic---or rip off

You make your own mind up. Every year we look forward to the road-side field mushroom vendors selling this delectable delight on Campbell Road, Greenlane, Auckland. The last two years were not good; indeed, I don't remember even seeing them. This year they were back, apparently picked about 100 kilometres form the city. Just as well, because we won't be able to find the rip-off merchant who was selling them. In our haste to pay out NZ$10 for a small bag we didn't check. Once we arrived home we quickly discovered that only the top few were  beautiful. The remainder of the bag contained MUSHROOMS THAT HARDLY LIVED UP TO THE NAME, 'FIELD MUSHROOMS.' They should have contained a label that read-----'beware these mushrooms have been trampled on by many cows and were picked days ago.'  But they were picked in a field!
Oh well, I guess next time we will ask to see beneath the surface so that we don't get ripped off. I turned them into a sauce and made sure I cooked them well. Please Mr Vendor----This time you got us, but hopefully Auckland based readers will pass on the word for innocent mushroom lovers to check the contents before buying. Damn, I just love field mushrooms. Thank goodness that I only eat small portions now eh.

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