Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 13 post- surgery.

 Each day seems better. I feel like walking more and I have not lost my love for food at all; it's just the type of food and the amounts that have changed. I know, some people say that I should have been like that before. Crap to that, as I accepted that I needed a 'tool' and now that's how it feels. I am in control and know that I have helped myself by doing this and I won't be a drain on the tax payer. Hell, I hope I go out with a bang, not a long drawn out decline, afflicted by all of those things that I would have had.  Bye bye pills. OK, no one knows what hides around the corner, but at least I have avoided a few 'ambushes' that were laying in wait for me.
I had some energy today, big time (well for at least half the day) so I oven dried a few kilos of beautiful tomatoes and concentrated another lot in a pan. I will freeze the dried ones and make concentrated ice block of the others. The house smells divine, like a Mediterranean kitchen.
I will do the same again next week. I am quickly running out of freezer place. For once my adage, 'less is more' just doesn't work for me. Time for a nana nap!

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