Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bless the Irish

Yes, Ireland now has at least one person reading my blogs. I have been waiting for that. I was watching a programme on TV today about a guy searching out whales, dolphins and basking sharks. It looked like the Western coast and the villages were something out of a picture postcard. I would really like to visit one day.
Ireland has played a very important part in the European settlement of NZ and I suspect that we are welcoming many Irish tradespersons for the rebuild of Christchurch after the earthquake. If you are reading this, my Irish friends, then seek out advice from NZ house in London (You can put aside you old feelings about the British) so that you too can join us here in the 'shakey isles.' Ah be gone with ya----don't let those stories about the earthquakes get to you! We need you here and I'm damn sure that you would receive a real NZ Irish welcome.
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