Monday, March 4, 2013

Dishonest and very annoying sales people--who needs them!

Door to door sales people have been the butt of jokes for decades and no doubt various forms of ‘selling to the unwilling’ have been around since time began. We all know about the more modern versions, both on the telephone and through the internet. We are regularly besieged by these unscrupulous sales people and we need to seek out ways to discourage them.
Today, the Herald reported a new twist (0r is it?) whereby water purification sales people are targeting certain suburbs because they think that the people in these areas will be less informed and therefore be more likely to succumb to the pressure put on them to buy what they can hardly afford.
These sales people are using ‘fear tactics,’ claiming that tap water can cause all manner of disease including Leukaemia amongst others. This is dishonest and fraudulent and it must stop. Hopefully court action will put a stop on such practices.
We all have the power to ‘kneecap’ these people and their like, both in the door knocking form and the cold calls at dinnertime at night. Unless you enjoy having these people on, (yes I have a great deal of fun with them) then you have the power to shut the door, say NO, or put the receiver down. You can even get yourself put on a ‘List’ if you bother to take the time. The bottom line---DON’T encourage them by giving them the time of day. If you are so polite that you don’t like to offend, just think--- they are taking your time, trying to get your money and they are on your territory. If you are frightened by their approach have something worked out with a friendly neighbour who can warn you they are coming. The phone one is the easiest---just hang up and be rude!
I do have a little bit of sympathy for the workers in these companies, as all people need to make a living. If they are an unwilling participant in such schemes then perhaps they need to look at a career change. Still, there are also people out there who thrive on such subterfuge and I have no sympathy for them!

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