Monday, March 4, 2013

April 4th, my big date with 'Less is more.'

Yes, I finally have my surgery date for my ‘sleeve.’ No, it’s not a new shirt but I will be able to wear smaller ones pretty soon. Tonight I shall have my last normal sized dinner and if the Optifast is delivered as promised, I shall be living on a VLC (very low calorie) diet. For once I shall willingly use the word diet because this time it is an essential part of the lead-up process. I must reduce the size of my liver and get into a good food regime so that when I recover from the April 4th operation, I shall adjust more quickly to my new world of entre sized meals and that is only after I have gone through the various stages associated with bariatric surgery.

I am allowing myself a last ‘blast’ but not an over-the-top bash with all the trimmings. I shall be quite satisfied with a reasonably healthy Asian option from one of the many restaurants that are scattered along Dominion Rd in Auckland. Indeed there is a move to declare this long road as New Zealand’s ‘culinary capital.’ That’s a bit stupid in my view because there is not the ethnic spread that such a title would demand.

Once my Optifast is delivered I shall transition onto a very strict regime, consisting of shakes, soups and protein bars, with the addition of one small piece of fruit a day and two small cups of vegetables. Next time I blog my progress, no doubt I will be missing my normal ‘intake,’ but I will be a lot healthier as the kilos melt away. If I become a pain in the butt for my friends, family and colleagues, well they have been warned, but for the most part I have received nothing but support.

Adios, my friends. Oops---that reminds me of the form I signed today that allows the surgeon to ‘do things’ if necessary, like fix up a hernia if there is one. I think I would have known by now if I had that. Onwards and downwards, my nasty fat cells!

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