Monday, January 28, 2013

Those nasty paperwasps! Yeah I know---they're all God's creatures, but!

Every time I look out my kitchen window, I observe a paper wasp nest as it gradually increases in size. It is in a position that makes it difficult to attack during the darker hours. In the past I have easily disposed of the nests by spraying them with fly spray and running like hell; not a sensible move, I am informed.
This particular nest and others close by are going to be a lot more difficult to eradicate. I rang Rentokil but their prices were quite high ($175) so I have decided to tackle the nests myself, despite the difficult terrain. Perhaps I can spray them a strong weed killer as I will be once again attempting to get rid of a plant that keeps invading that section of my garden. I have done this before and it worked. I just have to make sure that I shut the kitchen window real fast.
If I don’t post a blog in the next few days, then you know what happened; the wasps got me before I got them! I am not a killer of insects normally, but these critters are not a native species to NZ and of there are kids and pets around, one should make an attempt to free the area of them. There--- that’s my rationale---my method--- well that leads something to be desired! MMM--- I may yet bite the bullet and pay the $175.

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