Saturday, January 26, 2013

My sister's big clean out---don't ya love it!

I am not big on decluttering my house and storage shed, but after my sister’s recent experience in doing just that, perhaps I should change my mind. Over the years she has ‘collected’ quite a bit of ‘this and that,’ leading to quite an interesting look. Books and bric-a- brac were in abundance and Perdy just loved visiting her house of treasures.

Perhaps my dear sister just decided that getting rid of a few things would be a good move. Once she had started it was all on. You wouldn’t believe the things she found and how much local hospices and church shops have benefited. Yeah, we tried to sell a few things on ‘Trade me’ but everyone wants something for virtually nothing and the ‘effort’ is not worth the gain, so the ‘give away’ mode ended up as being the most suitable for her decluttering exercise.

Something quite wonderful is happening. I’m not talking about the lovely old oak tea trolley she gave me, but I am indeed thankful for it as it fits with other ‘real wood’ items in my humble abode. My sister made a discovery that will give us pleasure until the last drop.

She discovered some wine (10 bottles) she had ‘stored’ some time ago. On making this fabulous find, she decided that we would open one each time she visited for one of our famous dinners (while I still can—pre bariatric surgery). The first offering was a vintage (1997) Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve Champagne. Now I know that for some of you that’s probably ho-hum and nothing to call home about, but we are not snobs and we really appreciate something just that bit ‘up there.’

We opened the wine, wondering if it would just give a little puff, rather than a full blown pop of the real thing. We were not disappointed and although we love our NZ bubblies, we were most satisfied with this French offering. Next on the list is a great NZ red from the Colerain (Te Mata ) wineries. We can’t wait to see if it has weathered the years.

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  1. You should Google it to see how much they are worth then you can savour the taste even more knowing how much they worth! Hi to Janice for me please & I'm glad she can finally have a tidy up of her ''library room''of books and wonder by helping her you will clear her clutter but how much of it will now become your treasure so after a while you will be doing the same thing collecting all her rubbish! Wish I could be there to savour some of that wine with you. Grants mum bought some wine for his 1st birthday and hasn't used it & he's 38 now so how much would it be & if it's still be worth tasting as she has only just rediscovered recently? It was originally kept for a special occasion that never came!