Monday, January 21, 2013

Obama's next four years---will we now see some 'action?'

As I was putting together a fabulous recipe for a meatloaf, I had an ear and the occasional vision of Obama doing the rounds for the inauguration balls. Yes, I know, Michelle looked lovely in her ‘once again choice’ of Jason Wu’s creation. Oops, I am in danger of becoming a little frivolous, so I better get back to the ‘main game.’

President Obama has a chance to really challenge Corporate America and bring a little more balance into the lives of Americans. Perhaps the ‘little guys and girls’ can have a chance to share the wealth. Perhaps he can make a real difference so that the vast majority of Americans can have access to decent medical care.

Dare I say it, but it is absolutely necessary that he brings about more ‘sensible’ gun laws. I suspect that even the President knows that he cannot take guns from all Americans but he can pull back the tendency for Americans to own military style guns and the worst aspects of unfettered gun ownership. He will never please or gain the support of what the rest of the world calls ‘red-neck wacko’ individuals who hold to a section of the Constitution that does not take into account the changes brought about by technology and population growth.

Mr Obama has other challenges too and now he can ignore that pathetic excuse for a news network, Fox Television (but I do enjoy some of their ‘Extra’ segments) and get on with the job of focussing on improving the lives of the vast bulk of Americans. Maybe he can set the pace for a ‘return to greatness,’ and the USA can hold its head high again. Of course he may have to curb the tendency of the USA thinking that it is the ‘policeman’ of the world.

Give it a go, Mr Obama. I am sure you still retain the goodwill and trust, both in the USA and the world as a whole that will support you in your endeavours. JUst ignore the baying wolves from the Republican Party as they seek to find a 'scapegoat' for their own failings.

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