Sunday, December 30, 2012

The battle against 'legal highs' is far from won--it needs some help!

The news that Middlemore Hospital has had to deal with party-goers who have taken ‘legal Highs’ called Red Rocket, just goes to show that the battle against these substances is far from over. As fast as the law makes these drugs illegal and expensive to get through the legal pathways to sales, it seems that the manufacturers and sellers of these nasties will continue almost unabated in their quest to make a dollar. Well it’s time for the law to make it even more difficult, this time at the ‘pointy end’ of the law enforcing process---in the courts.

Charge the people who clog our free hospital EDs and force the users to take responsibility for their decisions. While we are at it, do the same for those who drink and drive causing similar mayhem in our hospitals and communities. Let’s stop pussy footing around and have a form of ‘user pay for bad decisions,’ policy, while at the same time make the present laws even tougher for the purveyors of these dangerous substances; dangerous for the individuals and for those who have to care for them in the ‘aftermath.’

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