Sunday, December 30, 2012

India's women and girls need support.

There are two Indias---the old traditional one where old beliefs hold sway and then there is the modern India whereby these ideas are being challenged; not so much by 'Western' thought,' but by indigenous movements that will bring about a bright new day. However in the meantime, there will continue to be much suffering and a rearguard acrtion from those who have always gained at the expence of women and girls.
Indian women are strong and resiliant, but the time has come (as represented by the scenes we are are seeing on TV) when men must step up and stop the violence against females; sexual, physical,emotional and economic. Indians will do it and the nation will surge ahead, knowing that all----wait---there are other issues too, but I'll leave that for the 'new movement' to identify, but it wouldn't hurt if the poolice were given a huge jab to move thier ideas and cut their corruption and non-action.
Go well  India!

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