Friday, December 21, 2012

Is the way forward to lessening the tension between the Two Koreas, dialogue?

Theoretically, the ‘war’ between North and South Korea has not ended. The tension between the two nations remains high and with the latest launch of the long range missile, neighbouring nations were also very concerned, including China.

South Korea has just elected a new President. Hopefully she will find ways to engage with her Northern cousins and work towards a meaningful and lasting peace, this will be a difficult task given the propensity of the North’s leaders to follow less and normal communications methods. One can liken North Korea as being like a ‘baby throwing its toys out of the cot.’

Don’t dream about a democratic North Korea; that would be an alien term for both its leaders and citizens. Those who can, leave and seek a new life in the South or further afield; usually saying little about their former lives, in case their families are ‘punished’ for the sins of the ‘escapees.

 I do not envy the new Southern president. She has a huge task ahead of her. I wish her well and hope that she can find a ‘Korean’ way of handling her recalcitrant neighbour.’ To achieve that, she will have to dig deep and think ‘outside the square.’

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