Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jack Russells destroy cars---beware!

I wrote a blog  a while about getting my car cleaned at Carfe---they did a good job. Well, I haven't cleaned it since and Perdy, my Jack Russell had managed to drop half a beach and a good deal of her coat in the back seat. My sister and friends didn't want to ride in it because it stunk and made them sneeze. That was too much, even for a 'non-caring' me.
We went to 277 in New Market yesterday, for some Xmas shopping and in the car park they had that firm that cleans your car while you shop. Perfect I thought; they can clean my car.
 I showed them the 'damage' and they agreed to do it for $160. That is a bit more than Carfe charged, but the job ahead of them was daunting to say the least. They agrees to do a deap clean, in and out and it would take an hour. OMG, I thought---'they knowest not what they are in for.'THEY DID A BEAUTIFUL JOB!
I returned 90 minutes later and they were still going, trying ot get every last blond hair out of the car and mats. They did!. They did a surperb job. Do not be afraid to leave your car in their SKILLED  hands. Well worth the money

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