Wednesday, November 21, 2012

UK readers----- special offer for XMAS

Come on you  lot--- get my books for xmas. I own't even make a profit with this offer. Don't use the webiste. That;'s far too expensive with the way its set up. Just contact me direct on   Use the website to see the books though. Hvae  aread of a bit of Kiwiana tho innint.  Oops.  I watch to much UK TV. Hey I just love Mrs Browns feckin sons and Miranda. God, I found myslef watchiing reuns of Benny Hill the other day. My things have chnaged eh. They don't just do inuendo anymore. It's all straight up now. As you can see I didnt spell check this one.  Don't forget to pass on my blogs and website and to ask your ;local libraies for my three books. They may even buy them if you give them contact detalis.
1) Coastal Yarns---stories from a nostalgic Kiwi with a few naughty twists.
2) Roskill--- A story for teenages, espeically those who have parnets indulging in substances they tell theri kids not to.
3) Talk To Me. If you love or hate Talk Back radio and love Jack Russells, this ones for you.

Merry Xmas my Brit friends and my neice there. K--- sned me your address and I will send you Roskill and Talk to Me for free.

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