Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Goodbye Pork Pie 3 or is it 4? The car is looking ----

The car is starting to look lke a car, albeit it in a rather dismembered piece of metal kind of way. To a very ignorant mechanically deficient person like myself, it looks like they have plenty to do. The kids and teacher informed me that it will probably take uintil Easter 2013 before
it is finished but I reckon heaps of peple will want to make it their own. Line up you wannabe Mini  owners and revisit your youth. Just don't tell any tales about what you got up to in your very distant past. Do you remember that hard suspension as you sped along some of the rough roads--- the potholes that nearly swallowed the little beastie? Then there was the crappy radio--- it wasn't even FM and  forget about CD players or Bluetooth. If you asked anyone then about bluetooth they would want you to open your mouth and have a look! So, keep it up students of James Cook High and your wonderful teachers. You do us all proud.

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