Monday, November 26, 2012

This is a biggie for me---- but then, that's why I'm doing it!

‘What the hell is he on about now?’ you may ask. I know I have had some pretty wacky blog posts over the last two years, but this one may take the cake---or not take the cake. That is what possibly spurred me on to making this decision---too much cake!
I have made a huge decision about my ‘battle of the bulge.’ This battle has gone on for the last 30 years, one way or the other. I have tried many diets and I won’t list them here. I will list them in forthcoming blogs and yet another book that I shall be writing over the next 18 months. I had hope that I could get a publisher behind me this time, but that probably won’t happen. I am well versed in the self-publishing pathway now and I know how to cut out unnecessary costs, but costs it will. That’s why you are all going to buy my other three books and pass on my blog to your mates, along with my website—I wish. ( )
I don’t want to write this as it will appear in my book, but I am going to give you an idea what has led me to my momentous decision. In summary, I was a skinny kid and right through to about 35; I never worried about my weight. I could eat what I liked and in that, I excelled. A BBQ would consist of copious amounts of the ‘charred stuff’ with repeat servings; then came several plates of dessert. I am sure some of you can relate to that. I didn’t know it then, but I was setting myself up for some major health issues a few years down the track. At the time it was full-on,’ and if I ever thought I needed to lose a few kilos, I just did it. It seemed to ‘melt off’ with a bit of exercise and cutting down a little; like not having so much spread on my bread.
Things changed once I hit 45. I started the ‘diet wars,’ and yes they worked, but I always got to a point when something inside me snapped, and----goodbye diet and hello yet more weight. So began that yo-yo treadmill. Each time I lost weight, it would go back on at some stage and then some, with a vengeance. My body seemed to be saying---‘I’ll get you, you bastard---- how dare you starve me!’
My weight gradually trended up, until one day I hit the magic 100 kilos. I embarked on yet more diets and the same thing happened. Many people gave me advice, ranging from the doctor to ‘well-informed’ friends and colleagues. The weight came off and then went back on. I attended gyms and quickly realized that such a pathway was just not in me. I did research, firstly in the myriad of books available and then on the net. The pattern repeated and the weight went on; you know in that up-down-up squiggle on a graph, but the trend was always up.
The doctor’s voice became increasingly urgent as I developed all the ‘full-house’ of health issues that go along with being very over weight. I started to hear the words ‘stomach bypass’ and bariatric surgery. Hell, that wasn’t for me. I would try yet again, sort of knowing that it wouldn’t work.
Finally, I went to the doctor for a renewal of my many pills and my doctor wasn’t there. In my mind, I was beginning to accept that I couldn’t do this on my own anymore. I was lacking energy and even daily walks with a Jack Russell couldn’t take the weight off. At best, it stopped going on, but by then, I was obese and my health could only take a major downturn in the near future. The doctor gave it to me straight, mirroring the words of my own doctor and using the language I understood.
I made up my mind, there and then and he gave me the contact details for a bariatric surgeon. I also left a message for my regular doctor, saying that I wanted to go ahead. A problem nagged at me though. I am too old for the freebie from the State, so I have to do this on my own with a little help from my insurance company. What the hell--- what’s another $20,000 on my mortgage? This way, I shall be around to pay it. Thus begins my journey!

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