Monday, November 26, 2012

Goodbye Pork Pie part 5--Let me down!--Now!

Hey---let me down---now! I’m sick of been stuck up here and you tell me that I’m not going to be on the road until way after the holidays. What am I expected to do while you’re all stuffing your faces at Xmas. Fun for me---not.
Oh well, I shall just be patient and dream of that long stretch of the Desert Road, buzzing along at 100 KPH. I doubt that I will go much faster than that.
I wonder who is going to buy me. I expect a clean garage and a weekly bath---got it! I also expect nice people driving me--- no drunks. Hell, it’s taking long enough to get me right, so stuffed if I’m gonna let drunks in me. I’ve seen the looks I’m getting. Some of you think I’m yours now. If I have any say, it will be one of you guys who work on me all the time.
By the way--- I have a little secret. I can talk too, so listen up next time you are around me. You’d be amazed at what I’ve seen in my two lives.

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