Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now that's a great book review for 'Roskill.'

I have been hoping for some book reviews for my books for ages. It seems that these are hard to come by. OK, here’s one, in a funny sort of way that really had me laughing.
One of our students at school (a 15 year old was reading a book in his maths class. His head was down and he was most definitely not doing his maths. His teacher noticed his ‘inattention’ to her teaching and approached him. He didn’t notice her until she pounced on him. She was about to let him know offended she was that he should be ignoring her. It was then that she saw the title of the book.
‘Oh,’ she said. You’re reading Mr Coleman’s book. The class laughed and she let him have the book back at the end of the period. All was forgiven and hopefully he is continuing to read the book at more appropriate times. I think he is relating to one of the characters.
Good one my loyal reader!

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