Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kim DotCom--now what do you think?

Did you watch the TV1 programme about Kim DotCom tonight (Sunday 11/11/12)? If you did, you may feel like I do---confused and possibly angry. The programme pulled no punches and the accusations made were not really defended by Kim DotCom when he had the chance to do so.
Is this the measure of the man? Is he shall we say, arrogant? Does he feel above talking to us mere mortals? Either TV 1 didn’t look for people to say favourable things about him, or they couldn’t find anyone; so it is either bad reporting or he is just what the programme intimated---full; of shite and not a nice person. 
The comments from the guy who used to work for him were damming to say the least and Kim’s reply was weak (via email). He had a questionable reputation in Germany and it is only because the alleged ‘crimes’ were committed many years ago that they cannot be considered re his presence in NZ.
I say it is time that Kim DotCom came out from behind his walls and faced NZ and explained his position. He owes us some answers and we need to ask the questions. Did rip off the intellectual property for many creative artists and filmmakers or did he not? The onus is on him to answer this vitally important question and if he does so, we can collectively tell the USA officials where to go. If he can’t then he should return to the USA to answer the charges!

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