Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Zealand's Got talent---hell yes!

New Zealand’s got talent is a fact, not a proposition. Where does a little country at the bottom of the South pacific, with a population just over 4 million get such wonderful heart wrenching talent?
It’s not just the singers, but the dancers and various other acts, including the wonderful animal acts. I am absolutely floored each night when I watch artist after artist enthralling the judges. For those of us watching at home (although I have been lucky enough to see a live show) the talent just keeps on coming. I do not envy the judges when it comes to cutting down the numbers.
The judges? ---- How very different they are to the ones we see in programmes of a similar nature. They have the right balance between supporting the talented  artists and sending on their way those who should either come back next year and the other group who must have no idea of what they sound like---perhaps it is the idea of being able to say they have ‘been on TV’ is enough for them to take the big NO!
A final point: I found it so hard comparing what are totally different types of talent. Maybe we need to look at breaking the show into categories. For example: dancers, circus acts, singers, animal acts and finally, age group categories.
TVNZ has done an incredible job. What has made this so----is it the amount of mnoney they put into it? NO---- it’s just that New Zealand really does have talent!

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