Thursday, September 13, 2012

Truth or dirty tricks----wacth out AUSSIE MP'S--ALL

Politics is a dirty game sometimes. The latest swing at Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott may result in a slinging match unequalled in recent times. That someone has claimed that Tony Abbott
took a swing at a fellow student leader more than 30 years ago and then uttered some very un PC language as a follow-up, is an open invitation for a tit-for-tat exchange between supporters of the two main parties.
If Labor (Sorry fellow kiwis, I’m writing about Aussies so, Aussie spelling) is behind this absurd accusation, then they should expect the same from the Coalition. If I was an MP on either side, I would be taking a trip down ‘Memory Lane,’ seeking anything that could be thrown at me.
What goes around comes around, so beware of entering this dangerous world. One should take the accusations and put them in perspective. Student politics can be ugly and nasty. Young aspiring politicians made many mistakes and in the context of student politics of the time, well maybe it was a bit tame compared to what students can really be capable of. I guess I am just saying---you may have unleashed a monster, so you should all go back to your corners and think carefully before you come out fighting.

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