Tuesday, September 25, 2012

James Bond--our leaders or Kim.com?

Some of our politicians must be ruing the day that Kim.com was granted residency. The events of the last few months and the publicity he as managed to garner, much of it at the experience of our leaders leaves me wondering what the hell is going on. I have no idea whether he is guilty of what has obviously got the Americans going and I find myself wondering at the antics of our security forces and leaders.
Will we ever get to the truth? Has Kim.com actually transgressed our laws or international agreements---God alone knows? Is he going to sue our Government (us, as taxpayers)? I am sure of one thing--- he is lapping up the attention and shows obvious signs of enjoying the sorry saga.
I wrote a comment on Face Book yesterday and it attracted an add-on from Kim.com that said something about ‘internet freedom along with his logo. That really pissed me off, because I would like to choose whether or not I support him in any way and at the moment, I just don’t know.
What all this highlights for me is our immigration policies and who is allowed to enter our country using some sort of ‘entrepreneurial qualification.’ Surely our Immigration Department has robust checking mechanisms.
One does wonder though.
The end result of what is increasingly looking like incompetency on the part of politicians and government departments is going to cost us dearly while Kim.com laughs his way back to his ‘property and the bank.’
Maybe there is a sting in the tail for him yet. An angry USA is not a pleasant enemy Mr Kim.com. I hole for your sake that you are able to prove your innocence and worthiness to be considered one of us---- I real KIWI!

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