Friday, August 17, 2012

National Party women cabinet ministers----mmmm-- what's next?

One wonders at what’s next on the agenda for some of the national Party women members. Are they saying what the other ministers want to say but are a little more careful about? We have had the Parata ‘espousitions’ (yeah I know---it’s not a word but it has an obvious meaning). Then we have Maggie Barry doing her thing. Maybe she thinks her high profile excuses her for dumping on fellow parliamentarians, so I guess she will learn the hard way.
Last but certainly not least is Paula Bennett’s propensity to upset the applecart. It seems that week after week she comes out with something new, but in a sense we have heard it all before. The latest announcement that child poverty changes from day to day is just one example of her ‘foot-in-mouth’ affliction. Once again, is she saying what Johnny and his mates want to say but leave it to her. Let’s face it she seems to connect with a section of National Party voters who are probably sending her messages of support. I shall give her one thing—she’s a gutsy lady, but she is also a hypocrite.
Paula benefited (do excuse the pun) from some of the policies she has had axed. That she has risen to great heights within the Government is due to her reaping the results of past welfare policies. Now that she has ‘made it,’ it is goodbye said policies.
I wonder what we shall hear around the corner from this delightful trio.

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