Friday, August 17, 2012

A unique way to balance the Governent books!

Fantastic! I’ve done it and I am so proud to be of help to the Government. Don’t say I always criticise the national Party. Here they are, delivering a policy that finally makes sense. It’s been staring us in the face for years and it took a brave John Key and his team to stumble across a ridiculously no fail scheme. The example of course is their privatising the prisons. Hey--- it’s a no brainer.
 Let SIRCO do all the work and then when they fail just fine the arse off them. So they the scheme has delivered $300,000 to Government coffers. If they do this to all the prisons, then maybe we the taxpayer won’t have to pay a penny to lock up our criminals and then also get paid as well.  By my calculations we could make about $10 million in fines, just from prisons.
Now, let’s take the idea further. Let water, health education and all government services be privatised with hefty fines for non-performance. Our tax bills will drop and after about four years when the coffers are over-flowing with ‘failure to preform fees,’ we can renationalize them with a final one-off payment of course and start again.
Fantastic or what! Cycles repeat and we keep reinventing the wheel, so we could repeat the exercise every ten years and it won’t cost us a penny? We will be the envy of the free world.

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