Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This brunch was wicked and wonderful!

Yesterday I took Perdy for her first really long drive. I have some good friends living in Pirongia, a beautiful little village under the lee of an equally magic mountain by the same name.
The journey took about two hours so I took Perdy for a run at her usual place don at Onehunga Bay. She seemed to sense something was different. Maybe she saw me loading up a few supplies for her; water, food and more protective blankets and towels than usual. (In case she had a little accident in the back seat).
Short run around turned into a longer one when she decided that getting Back in the car would be on her terms--- the bitch!--- it took me ten minutes to coax her in, and then it was lonely on her terms.
We continued our drive into the misty Waikato. Perdy was constantly on watch, barking at me in an attempt to discuss the issues of the day. You see, we were listening to ZB talkback and Perdy is quite an opinionated doggie. I don’t know where she gets this trait.
I stopped at Ngaruawahia and shared a pie with her. Well, actually, I dropped it and she pounced on it. Just as well, considering what was coming our way on the farmlet.
Back on the road again and Perdy settled in to a side to side traversing of the back seat as she checked out the different vistas on offer. She just loved observing the cows in the fields, chomping away on their hay. We arrived at the destination and she was out in a jiffy and the cheeky little bugger ran straight into the warm and welcoming home. She said hi and then explored the house, without even asking. It was then a quick walk around the section, peeing as needed and then back in the car for a short drive to a wonderful lake.
I was informed that I could not let her loose at this lake in the summer. Many dogs have died from toxic algae that kill instantly any dog drinking the water. All this in Green NZ--- yeah right. It may be that the ‘run-off’ from fertilizing our green and wonderful farms has caused this. Thank God, it wasn’t present in the winter.
Now, back to the farmlet and into a huge brunch, much of it produced on the said farmlet---- The sausages and eggs for a start. Wow--- the usages were to die for (and when you look at the picture, you will see why--- that’s of the bloody picture loads). They were nearly 100% lamb meat. The bacon was locally processed and the veggies most definitely had no carbon footprint. Who needed toast with that lot?
Perdy had her share and more when it came to coaxing her into leaving. It seems that she likes this little farmlet. She has her eyes on the multi coloured sheep. The sheep were sort of more goat-like than sheep. They are a Persian variety and very pretty--- very similar in colouring to Perdy--- No wonder she liked them---well she did--- she and my friends were eating their coussies!--- Sorry vegetarians--- don’t you dare go writing letters dot the editor--- Me!
After a relaxing time and another spin around the garden with the compulsory peeing, Perdy was captured and we were back on the road. This time, Perdy decided that napping was the thing to do. Before we knew it, we were back on the Southern Motorway. I decided to let Perdy have a stretch back at the bay--- just a short one before arriving home. Dinner--- more sausages of course. Dinner for the next night--- why not--- curried sausages!

It's OK--- I didn't eat it all!

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