Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sonny Bill Williams----is he just looking after number one?

So Sonny Bill is going to Japan. So he is chasing the money. He is looking after number one. Is that so wrong in this time when that is what everyone else is doing the same.
I hear people saying that he’ can’t make up his mind’ or that he is ‘flip-flopping’ about between Rugby, Boxing and League. So what? Where does it say that one has to remain ‘loyal’ to one sport?
The life of a modern day ‘professional’ ----yes professional sportsperson is not necessarily a long one. Injury can play havoc with both the length of that ‘life’ and during it re availability. He needs to think about his future, his financial one. He may have a family to support one day and money saved now will help them have stability once Sonny’s usefulness has gone.
I can hear old buggers like myself saying that it wasn’t like this in the old days. So do we have to force the sportsperson of today into some ‘mould’ that simply doesn’t exist anymore, except at lower levels of sport?
We are going to hear many people lambast Sonny re his latest decision. The ‘tall poppy syndrome,’ will show its ugly face in the form of ‘talk-back radio’ shows and letters to the editor, just to mention a few outlets for their collective outrage.
Ignore them, Sonny and go well. It is after all your future. Unlike many others, I have enjoyed your short ‘stay with us’ in Rigby. You have a style all your own. Perhaps it is this that really irks some people.
Hell, you may even come back in time for the next Rugby World Cup--- hopefully playing for NZ and not some other country, simply because we treated you badly.
 Cheers mate.

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