Saturday, July 21, 2012

No Ciggies on display from tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will no longer see cigarettes on display in our shops in New Zealand. Like Australia we will face a backlash the big bully tobacco companies who are threatening to sue us when we also make the compulsory to only have the ‘cancer sticks’ packed in plain packets.
It doesn’t help that we have one of our prominent politicians maintaining that it hasn’t been proven that the cigarettes causes thousands of deaths a year in New Zealand. I am sure he since regretted that statement. One issue the Maori Party and Hone Harawira are united on is their total opposition to smoking, along with many other politicians in all parties.
I know it is incredibly hard to stop smoking and I admire those who have kicked the habit. I support any government/taxpayer efforts to help those who wish to cease smoking. We are all winners if they succeed.
What’s next? ----- Fighting the massive issue of obesity and its incumbent mate---diabetes of course. So before I ever claim anyone trying to stop smoking lacks backbone----well I just look in the mirror and take a peek at the scales.
So, stuff off big tobacco companies and their ‘fast/fatty/sugary’ food manufacturing mates. Placing a few salads on the menu doesn’t disguise the other crap on sale.

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