Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mr Key---please listen to The Waitangi Tribunal.

The Waitangi Tribunal has asked the PM to hold off on the partial asset sales until the question of statutory rights to water is settled. I say, take that one step further and have a debate that is not tied up with elections; one that truly reflects the will of New Zealanders, and one that is based on sound economics.
Don’t you get the feeling that this latest round of proposals is nothing more than ‘selling the family silver’? If we look further down the track, will we arrive at the conclusion that it was all for nought--- that we have virtually given away something that could have returned to the taxpayer; rewards that are immeasurable over the passing of time.
We do not want our Treasures to be lost to overseas investors and control, no matter what the PM says. I find it hard to believe that the so-called ‘Mom and Pa’ investors won’t at some stage be in a position where they too sell on the small share holdings they purchase now. We can never predict what will happen in the future so let’s not put ourselves in that position, whereby we have nothing but regrets.
Keep them for us and continue to reap the benefits from what our grandparents built up so many years ago. Once gone--- they will be almost impossible to buy back. Prudence says---- ‘Stack them away for the future.’

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