Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Maggie Barry--- you should know better!

I have always admired and liked Maggie Barry, from way back. I found her fascinating, engaging and knowledgeable. I am not a national party member or supporter, but I was quite pleased when she became a Member of Parliament. I thought that she would bring a certain ‘presence’ into what is sometimes a collection of boring twats.
I have heard her in the debating chamber (well--- I mean on TV) and I have been quite impressed. Hell--- you need to understand that that is quite a statement for me to make about a national MP. But yesterday, she let herself down. It is all very well, coming into Parliament with a high profile, but I suspect that carries with it the need to be measured in one’s commentaries.
Yesterday’s contribution from Maggie did not sit well with me and many people I have talked to.; Sure, in the heat of the moment it is easy to make a throw away remark, but then one should have the good grace to withdraw and apologise for the said remark. Maggie’s comment about a Labour MP not being qualified to talk on a Bill before parliament because she had not had children was below the belt. It also raised the possibility of a tit-for-tat war between the various parties. It would be very easy to respond in kind and takeaway any dignity the discussion may have had up until that point.
It would be so easy to then go one step further and bring all sorts of spurious arguments based on fake understanding into the debate.
I say--- leave those sort of comments out of the debates and stick to the main issues--- the reason why you are all there!
Come on Maggie--- learn from this.
I still like you though.

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