Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is it womens' beachball or is it something else/

I was watching women’s’ beach ball (delayed) this morning---the game itself is great but I had to wonder at the difference in costumes between the men and the women. If it was about comfort, ease of playing, then wouldn’t you expect the uniforms to be similar? Now before you start accusing me of perving, anyone who knows me well, knows that is not what I was doing.
Let’s just say that if they wore much less, we would be verging on ‘soft porn.’ All things being equal, but they’re not, then the men would be wearing speedos! So what’s this all about? Is it about marketing and TV audience size?
Of course it is, because I cannot see any other reason for the ‘disparity.’ OK, OK---- I’m not about to rain on your parade(s) so just go for it. I guess it just makes it most unlikely that we will see teams from some of the more ‘extreme’ Islamist Republics eh! ---or from very religious Christian communities.
Here endith my musings.
I suppose I better take perdy for a walk in the rain and leave you guys to your 'viewing.'

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