Thursday, July 12, 2012

The end of the freebies for ROSKILL and TALK TO ME

I hope you have enjoyed my free release of ROSKILL and TALK TO ME. I do hope you will consider buying them from my website in a few weeks. will go live very soon. Roskill is about to go to print again (with a new cover and ISBN). It will be availbekl directly from that site and at a few outlets (to be advised) I am working closley with my website designer and my printer (The Colour Guy). All three books will be available soon.
THE RIVER ALWAY FLOWS is experimental and I shall keep releasing chapters, once I get the other books up and out there. I hope you can help me get my website to as many people as possible. Once it's live---please go for it. Doing this on my own, without a big publisher behind me is quite a task. I ain't gionna get rich, thats for sure.

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