Sunday, July 1, 2012


Is Peter Dunne finally going to come out of that middle, do nothing, I’m upset, it’s intolerable, most unwise, non-positional , cowardly, do anything to keep my snout in the grove, support a government he actually is beginning to dislike, head in the sand----Oh I could go on forever!
Today he is saying that the situation re the killing of TV7 only to have the frequency immediately given to a profit making entrepreneur outfit (I’m not against profit, just the cynical way in which this Government has decapitated TV7) within house of the demise of the said channel.
Peter, just put up or shut up! We are sick of useless pontificating I(take that from one who does it!) over issues that you say are dear to you, then you go along and vote with your Government friends. Is this latest outburst a sigh that you finally get it? Are you about to do the right thing and act in a way that reflects your true beliefs?
I don’t think so. I think that you know your electorate is going to dump you at the next election. Perhaps you could retain some respect by stating your frustrations with the Government loud and clearly. Come on, Peter. Take a stand and throw a spanner into the works. You really are in a position to stop this crazy out of control Government that is hell bound on the tracks of undoing so many icons we hold close to our hearts. Hell, you may even get re-elected by taking such a stand. We will remember you!

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