Monday, July 16, 2012

All 'Dunne' and dusted-- better late than never Mr Dunne.

Giving Peter Dunne a hard time over some of his stands re various issues (The Asset sales coming to mind) has been both easy and necessary over the past few years. His do anything to keep the baubles of power approach has caused many to mistrust him.
 I have to give him credit for his belated stand re ‘party Pills’ though. Cabinet is finally going to act and put the onus on importers and sellers of all ‘Party PiIls’ to prove that a substance is harmless. That will effectively remove all such pills from outlets (it’s dairies that gets me the most annoyed) and hopefully making it much harder for our young people to buy these terrible pills. The news that ‘Bath Salts’ has reached our shores must have been the final straw.
I am giving Peter a bouquet rather than lambasting him about his other failings today so here goes----‘well done Mr Dunne. Now we may consign all the pills to the place they belong--- the dunny!’
But before we get too carried away in our praise we better not slip into some na├»ve position that the problem has gone away completely. Unfortunately, there will be other ways of sticking this evil stuff ‘out there.’ There always has and always will be the underworld that will continue to supply such substances. All we can say about the latest moves is that at least for some of our kids (and yes--- adults) it will be harder to get the pills.

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