Friday, June 8, 2012

So you have a choice between the 'disappointing and the down right nutter!?

Oh my friends in the USA—what a decision you are going to have to make, but in my view there is only one thing you can do. It may stick in your craw, but you have to go with Obama. I very much doubt that any of you in Liberal Thought could go any other way. Even if you had a third person to chose form (I don’t mean Paul) it would be a wasted vote, albeit it soothing your conscience. You simply cannot let that other ‘P—‘  get in. He is the antithesis of everything you (and I) stand for. His anti-gay, anti-union stance and so many other issues that he espouses on leave me with a feeling of dread.
In many ways he is much like our National Party, but goes even further to the ‘right.’ Some of the mannerisms he exhibits are much like John Key’s (our Prime Minister) and his cohorts are very similar. I am sure the very same lobby groups that put pressure on Romney will be almost identical to the ones that suck up to John Key.
 I see  all sorts of ‘events’ from Romney’s past are being dragged into the limelight and they are very disturbing, but I would be here, because God knows what will come out about Obama. Once one ‘party’ does that, the rest follow, so beware!
So we are left with Obama. If that is the case and we want him to win, he must get a clear message from the likes of your group. You expect better of him in his second term. I am sure you don’t want a ‘lame duck’ administration. He really needs to get real health reforms through Congress and the Senate. That means he has to win those august bodies.
 It cannot be that the world’s richest nation does not look after its sick; especially those who cannot afford the rip-off private health schemes. He must pay more than lip service to the widening gap between the rich and poor. Those are just two issue confronting him; I’m sure there are many more.
What we see in the USA is often replicated here in NZ after about ten or twenty years. So please make this election mean something special. Don’t you yearn for the good old days of the ‘New Deal? That inspired NZ’s Mickey Savage back in the 30’s. Do it again USA.

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