Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nz has a government that has no idea how to manage our education system.

Yet again the Government is showing a complete lack of understanding of education in NZ. I do not know who is advising them, but hopefully it is not the officials in the Education Department. If it is, then God help us. I am assuming that they at least know what they are talking about----or------Mmmm.
The latest news that John Key is thinking of releasing the so-called ‘League figures’ around the performance of different schools re Numeracy and Literacy is just another example of a Government bereft of ideas about how to deliver a sound education system. His will I, won’t I stance is just a diversion.
It feels like we have a Government hell bound on detracting from the work of our teachers. Visiting a school for photo opportunities does not constitute an understanding of what is really needed in NZ for our kids. He and his Minister Parata need to ask teachers and principals at grass root level. I wonder where he garners his information before making yet another stupid ill-informed statement. I can’t wait to hear his ‘well-informed’ announcement on the issue of ‘White Flight.’

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